Kinnoull Driving School was formed by myself James Fernie in 1990 with the aim of giving the best one to one driving instruction possibleI started my training with BSM and after a short while set up on my own.
As a Top Grade A Instructor it is the goal of my company to teach the skills of the open road in order to give any applicant learners the confidence they need to become excellent road users. I will instil in them the need to be cautious, considerate and above all sensible drivers.
My choice of vehicle: I have given the utmost consideration to the vehicle choice and considered many vehicles, but the one that stood out for me was the MINI Cooper not only for it’s excellent road handling but with the learner in mind as its size is not so intimidating to learner drivers, a vehicle of this size and manoeuvrability I feel will bring out the best in any learner driver and the low back and side windows really aid reversing compared to vehicles with high backs resulting in poor rear vision.
The one to one driving instruction coupled with an excellent vehicle choice has led to my company having a 75% pass rate, which is very high and to my mind under pins my companies approach as the correct one. I have had learners who have tried other companies but have not been satisfied with the result, so far this has not been the case with my company, all of my passed learners have been totally satisfied with the instruction and vehicle.
James  Fernie aims to satisfy the needs of any learner drivers to the best of his ability and welcomes any new applicants.
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Top Grade A

Jim Fernie