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“This lovely man, taught me to drive waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1991… passed first time, highly recommended.”

Wendy Taylor16/03/2014

“Thank you Jim, your an amazing instructor without your help and faith I wouldn’t of passed first time”

Mandy Miller

“I had been with another driving instructor in Perth and had failed. This had really knocked my confidence and put me off driving. A friend told me about Jim and Kinnoull Driving School so I decided to get back on the horse so to speak. I’m glad I did, Jim not only helped me get my confidence back behind the wheel but I learnt a lot more about driving than just how to pass the test. I was able to take my time about things I wasn’t so good at and practice and I never felt awkward asking questions etc. Having an experienced, down to earth instructor was a blessing and the second time I sat my practical test, I passed with NO faults! Thanks again Jim!”

Scott Cowie08/05/2014

“Brilliant instructor built up my confidence after it was knocked during the intense course with someone else…Jim has the patience of a saint and makes learning easy, best in this area by far!! :-)”

Erin Marshall24/05/2014

“Fantastic instructor. I have tried a couple of cheaper alternatives but was getting nowhere. After moving to Jim at KDS I quickly began to get the hang of things and it didn’t take long before I sat my test and passed first time with only 4 minors (and I dispute one of them but that’s another story). Although Jim was a couple of quid a lesson dearer than some other instructors in the area I feel I ultimately saved money because it took far fewer lessons for me to get to the standard required than it would have done with some if his competitors. Further to that, his banter is top notch so I enjoyed my lessons with him even when I was making an arse of my 3 point turn.”

Jamie Neave17/06/2014

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